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Connor Addis Travel Blog

Hi, I’m Connor Addis, a game developer and a marketing specialist from Bournemouth, UK (Originally I am from Croatia). Traveling is a hobby that I dedicate a huge part of my life to. I invite you to join in on the fun.

If you are a traveler at heart, you know that staying in one place for too long is tantamount to death. Being on the move is my way of life. When you visit new places and the feeling of beauty and uncommonness overwhelms you, you just can’t keep it all to yourself.

This is the reason I made a decision to start writing a Connor Addis Travel Blog. Besides sharing magnificent views and worthwhile stories, I’ll try to give you some interesting travel tips. I know how important it is for beginners and savvy travelers to find useful informational tidbits in other people’s blogs.

I’m always happy to welcome new readers and answer any questions you might have about my travels. Whether you are wondering where the breathtaking photos were taken or need some hotel leads, you can feel free to post a comment or a question to any one of my blog posts.

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Since the goal of this blog is to share the pleasures and hardships of traveling with the world, I’ll be checking for the comments on a daily basis. I’m a fast replier unless stuck in the no-connection zone, which certainly has a few benefits.

Sincerely yours,
Connor Addis.

Connor Addis

Connor Addis

Connor Addis’ Recent Posts

Bahrain Escorts: be aware!

Tourism is the main source of income in Bahrain's budget. With a population a bit over 1.42 million people, Bahrain is visited by more than 8 million tourists per year, mainly from neighboring Gulf countries as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar who want to relax and...

Escort girls in Brisbane – My Experience

Brisbane is one of the most amazing cities in Australia. Apart from its beautiful lake, rivers, skyscrapers and recreational parks, the city has everything necessary for adult entertainment. The most popular and common form of adult entertainment is escort services,...

Top 5 places to visit in Dubai

If you go to Dubai, there are surely lots of places to see. And if you are staying there just for a week, it can be quite challenging to decide what to see and where to go. I will give you my variant of top 5 places to visit in Dubai. 1) It would be very strange to...

How I had fun in Toronto

While I am in Europe and planning my long trip to Asia, I decided to tell you a little bit about some adult entertainment that I had in Toronto. Toronto is a place where you are alllowed to do anything that you want (for sure I am not talking about illegal things). If...

World Golf Championships – Mexico Championship Preview

The best players from all the major golf tours around the world head to Mexico City this week in the second WGC event of the season. Last year, Dustin Johnson outlasted Tommy Fleetwood by a stroke, and will have to navigate a very strong field if he’s going to defend...

Fun Times Together Or My First Group Trip

As an avid traveler, I can write several dozen blog posts about how convenient it is to travel on your own. You are your own boss and can visit just the places you always wanted. While I’m a lone wolf at heart, I can’t overlook the fun and excitement of group travels....

US Entry Waiver for My Friend

When you travel all the time, you get used to a variety of processes you must go through in order to get permissions to enter other countries. Long-term visas, short-term visas, no visas but some papers to fill out, etc. Even though I never had any problems when...

Scarborough Bluffs

This is only one time when I used trains in Canada. It takes about 40 minutes to reach station nearby to Scarborough Bluffs from Union Station in...

Toronto Island Park

I visited Toronto Island Park recently and want to show you some photos. If you are going to visit Toronto - I strongly recommend to visit Toronto Island Park. You can reach Toronto Island Park via Ferry from waterfront. Toronto Island Park is big and there a lot of...

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