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If you go to Dubai, there are surely lots of places to see. And if you are staying there just for a week, it can be quite challenging to decide what to see and where to go. I will give you my variant of top 5 places to visit in Dubai.

1) It would be very strange to stay in Dubai and not to see Burj Khalifa – the tallest building created during the history of  mankind. It’s a good idea to book tickets to observation site beforehand. You can do it on the official website of Burj Khalifa. It may sound strange, but the place is so popular that you will not be able to get there if you don’t make a reservation. Don’t forget to enjoy the singing fountains near the tower. It’s an amazing view and it will not cost you a penny. If you are not short of money, you can eat in a restaurant on the tower. But don’t expect it to be cheap.

2) I’m a real coffee-addict. If you are like me, you’ll surely appreciate a coffee museum. A wonderful museum decorated in a traditional Oriental style will tell you everything about the history of your favorite drink. And of course you’ll have a chance to try out the best Arabic coffee.

3) Have you ever seen a real flamingo? Visit a flamingo reserve on Oud Metha Road and enjoy the view of these graceful pink birds.

4) Let’s move on to some more traditional Dubai entertainments. Al Fahidi fortress is a whole historic district. There is no traffic there and you will deepen into the atmosphere of UAE of the beginning of the 20th century. Walk by the sand-colored building, see some museums and souvenir shops and just feel the atmosphere.

5) Dubai Mall is a the biggest in the world trade center with a big oceanarium, ice skating rink, entertainment center and much more. This place is worth a thousand words.  More than 70 elite cloth boutiques, cinema with more than 20 halls. Watch out not to spend all you money there!

Foe those who love nightlife, Dubai has a lot in store. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs… Also escorts in Dubai are very popular and there are a lot of girls who are ready to show you around the city and accompany you to a restaurant or in your hotel room. But be careful, because UAE is a “strict” country and you may have some problems with police.  Although ,if you are careful, you can find girl of different nationalities to every taste to make you a company.

Enjoy your stay in Dubai and I hope my tips will be helpful.